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Our Story

VivaGreen Directors

VivaGreen Founders, Garrett & Russell Walsh

Why VivaGreen?

VivaGreen has been developing and manufacturing a range of compostable and truly biodegradable products since 1992. By thinking harder, applying innovation and creating new technology we are using natural materials in new ways. The result is that we can help you to help the environment in which we all live.

A knowledge-based company

This is a knowledge-based company that is driven by the founders’ engineering backgrounds to bring innovative products made from renewable resources that are environmentally friendly to the marketplace. We are a world leader in the research and development of compostable and biodegradable materials and have always been committed to producing products that are not only the greenest but are also unquestionably of the highest quality too.


We don’t use chemicals

Our raw materials are completely natural and come from renewable resources. As you read this, our research and development department is working on new ways to replace other harmful products with environmentally-friendlier natural alternatives.

VivaGreen products are sold all over the world and our customers include John Deere Group (USA), Wembley Stadium (UK), Aviva Stadium (Ireland), Augusta National (USA), Real Madrid FC (Spain), St Andrew’s Golf Club (Scotland), Croke Park Stadium (Ireland), Sun-Corp Stadium (Brisbane) and Glastonbury Music Festival (UK). That means when you choose VivaGreen products you’re in very good company indeed.


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