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Bin Bags – Plastic Vs Compostable

Bin Bags – Plastic Vs Compostable

With billions of plastic bags being consumed each year, there is no doubt that plastic bags are convenient and easy to come by but they are detrimental to the environment. There are now many alternatives to using plastic bags and we are hear to tell you about the benefits of one particular alternative, the compostable bag!

Plastic Bags

Thousands of plastic bags are found in the sea and can cause serious harm to sea life along with ending up on landfills worldwide, taking thousands of years to degrade. If you switch to using a biodegradable/compostable bag you can rest assured that after a short amount of time the bag will degrade in the same way as a banana skin does and therefore turn into compost.

Find out more about the how using compostable bin bags compares to using plastic bin bags, in our infographic below.

Plastic V Compostable Infographic

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