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‘MossOff’ The Best Moss Remover on the Market

‘MossOff’ The Best Moss and Algae Remover on the Market We all have issues with Moss and Algae this is mainly due to the climate within Ireland and the UK. So if your having a problem with Moss What is the ‘best’ product to use? When we say best we refer to the most effective […]

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MossOff Wins at EnviroCom 2016

VivaGreen wins at Envirocom 2016 VivaGreen were nominated as a Finalists for the 2016 EnviroCom Awards were there MossOff Product was assessed by the judges  and how it works in terms of innovation, reputability, environmental, social and economic benefits. We are delighted to announce that we won the top prize on the night, adding yet […]

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McDivot the Divot repair solution

Divot Repair Solution

Divot Repair Solution McDivots are  100% biodegradable stakes used by professional and armature golfers for repairing divots taken out on a golf course. It’s key feature is that it completely biodegrade and becomes part of the soil after it has done it’s job. The McDivot has become one of the go to products for golf […]

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benefits of compostable bags

Benefits of Compostable Bags

Benefits of Compostable Bags One of the best things the Irish government have done was to introduce the bag tax, this has seen the number of plastic bags being disposed of illegally reduced. However, there are billions of plastic bags being still being consumed each year, this is mainly due to the convince cheap cost […]

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Chemical Free Moss Killer

Chemical Free Moss Remover

Chemical Free Moss Remover We are all becoming more aware of global warming as this is a growing issue we all have to do are bit to save the planet and become greener. What better way to become environmentally friendly than using ZERO chemicals? Here at VivaGreen we are proud of our green products, from […]

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Vivagreen is crowned the 2016 GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners!

We at VivaGreen are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded 2016’s GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners for our product MossOff. MossOff is a multi-surface concentrate that offers a new and totally unique biocide-free way of controlling moss and algae on all outdoor surfaces. The unique technology is chemical free and completely […]

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MossOff Chemical Free

MossOff vs Chemicals

Here at VivaGreen we are proud of our green products, from our biodegradable GreenStake to our compostable GreenSax! Now we are even more proud of our Chemical Free Mossoff! That’s right a moss remover that contains absolutely chemicals. We are so proud of MossOff that we decided to pitch it against the everyday Moss Remover […]

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Plastic V Compostable Infographic

Bin Bags – Plastic Vs Compostable

With billions of plastic bags being consumed each year, there is no doubt that plastic bags are convenient and easy to come by but they are detrimental to the environment. There are now many alternatives to using plastic bags and we are hear to tell you about the benefits of one particular alternative, the compostable […]

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Scrapack Fruit Waste

Recycling Tips & Tricks

We love to recycle here at VivaGreen! All of our products are designed and created with the environment in mind. With our latest product Scrapack – a biodegradable bag for scraps and peels, joining the VivaGreen family, we decided to run a little Facebook competition for a chance to win a Scrapack. We asked the […]

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Top 10 Tips Blog

Top 10 Composting Tips

Want to start composting but not sure where to begin? We have put together our top 10 tips to get you started. Soon composting will be second nature to you and you will feel so much better about your contribution to the environment. Tip 1. Prepare Your Compost Bin Image from You don’t have […]

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