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Top 10 Recycling Tips

We all know recycling is good for the environment, but it can get a little confusing sometimes. Is this recyclable? Do I need to rinse before I recycle? Is meat compostable? These among many other questions often get asked in the kitchen but some never get answered. Well we are here to give you a […]

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Scrapack- Compostable food waste bags

Compostable Food Waste Bags We have been busy behind the scenes at VivaGreen HQ lately developing and testing new environmentally friendly products.Currently 1/3 of the the food we buy ends up in are bins and this is something we felt needed to change. While researching this problem it was clear there were a number of […]

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The Many Benefits of Using GreenStake

GreenStake is a 100% biodegradable stake used by professionals for many different pinning applications. It’s key feature is that it completely biodegrades and becomes part of the soil after it has done it’s job. It can be used to anchor erosion control blankets, weed barriers, netting, ground covers, germination blankets, agricultural mulch, frost protection fabrics, sod, small trees […]

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