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Scrapack- Compostable food waste bags

Scrapack- Compostable food waste bags

Compostable Food Waste Bags

We have been busy behind the scenes at VivaGreen HQ lately developing and testing new environmentally friendly products.Currently 1/3 of the the food we buy ends up in are bins and this is something we felt needed to change. While researching this problem it was clear there were a number of issues:

  1. People ended up putting there waste food  in there normal bin as apposed to there brown bin.
  2. Any left over food from meals was going directly into there waste bin.
  3. People hated using there brown bin as they dont like the smell.
  4. It wasn’t convenient to always empty the brown bin contents to the one outside.
  5. There were no cheap alternatives on the market.

This is why we developed ScraPack.

ScraPack Compostable Bags

Scrapack is the ideal accompaniment to your composting routine! Just pop the compostable bag onto your kitchen counter while preparing your meals and throw all food waste and scraps into the bag as you go along.

The leak resistant Scrapack bag is 100% compostable and can be added to your DIY garden compost bin or your Brown Waste Bin.

Scrapack Brown Bin

Scrapack will make your life easier by reducing the need for a separate food waste bin in your kitchen. Just pop the Scrapack bag on your counter and take directly to your outside bin when your done! No nasty smells and messy bins!

Scrapack compostable food waste bag

Scrapack is available to buy in our online store or you can find it in a variety of independent stores across Ireland.

Check out for our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out how you can win a Scrapack.


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