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Recycling Tips & Tricks

Recycling Tips & Tricks

We love to recycle here at VivaGreen! All of our products are designed and created with the environment in mind. With our latest product Scrapack – a biodegradable bag for scraps and peels, joining the VivaGreen family, we decided to run a little Facebook competition for a chance to win a Scrapack. We asked the VivaGreen Facebook fans to tell us their recycling tips and tricks and we definitely learned a lot!


Here are some of the best recycling tips and tricks shared on the VivaGreen Facebook page!

“Tea bags go into the flower beds”  fantastic gardening and recycling tip by Estelle Linda Wrafter

Louise Doyle Kenny makes great use of plastic and cardboard with her little ones saying  “Big plastic bottles and cardboard boxes kept for kids to do stuff with!!”

“Squash all packets and bottles flat. Tear up all the packaging and boxes” Katriona Murphy reckons you would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t do that!

Niamh Barron has a great trick for using up your bath water “If you have a garden, water it with leftover bathwater or dish washing water as long as you use a biodegradable soap”

“I use every part of apple cucumber and kiwi in juicer and feed birds with the bits that extrudes” No waste in Jakki O’Donovans house!

Recycling Tips

We especially like Dolores Shanahan’s tips, they are so creative and make great use of plastic!

Recycling tricks

Mary Conroy takes recycling to the next level and we love it!

We had such fun reading all the interesting and creative recycling tips and tricks and we hope you have too! We picked 5 winners at random and they will each receive a Scrapack in the post this week. Don’t forget to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for more fun competitions coming up!

You can buy our new biodegradable paper bags Scrapack here.





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