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How to use Chemical Free MossOff

How to use Chemical Free MossOff

How to Use Chemical Free MossOff

Chemical Free MossOff is so simple to use it only takes 3 steps:

  1. Choose a Dry Day
  2. Shake the Bottle well and dilute with water
  3. Apply with a Sprayer or  a Watering can

No special equipment is required to apply MossOff. There’s no need to exclude children or pets from the treated area, and any accidental splashes of the product onto adjacent plants or onto the lawn, will do absolutely no harm.

Based entirely on natural ingredients and with a physical mode of action, MossOff has an official derogation from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. It’s harmless to plants, pets and wildlife. It can be used to kill and control moss and algae on just about any domestic surface including paving stone, asphalt, tiles, glass and even stainless steel. The special lawn care formula has specific instructions to ensure the best possible results when using the unique MossOff technology on turf.



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