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GreenSax 10 LTR (2.6 GAL) Paper Bags

GreenSax compostable paper bags

GreenSax 10 LTR (2.6 GAL) Paper Bags


Biodegradable food bin liners

GreenSax 10 LTR Paper Bags


GreenSax paper bags are perfect for lining your kitchen caddy or brown bin. When full, roll the top of the bag closed to keep bad odours in. The Biodegradable food bin liners are ideal for your home composter or kerbside organic waste bin. This bag is certified 100% compostable and will break down completely and quickly, helping return nutrients to the earth.

Special Features:

  • Leak resistant
  • Wet strength paper
  • Compostable paper


10 Ltr / 2.6 Gal (approx.)
700mm (rim) x 360mm (height) / 28” (rim) x 14.5″ (height)


Case:   10 rolls /case; 140 bags /case

10L PaperGreensax paper boxBin Image 1  -  GreenSax 10L Kitchen Caddy
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OptionPrice per pack/case
(inc shipping & taxes/VAT)
Select Quantity
5 Roll Pack (70 Bags) 5 Roll Pack (70 bags)18.00
1 Case (140 Bags) 1 Case (140 bags)33.00
2 Cases (280 Bags) 2 Cases (280 bags)29.00
3+ Cases 3+ Cases27.00
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