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6 inch (15cm) GreenMat

Biodegradable Weed Control Barrier

6 inch (15cm) GreenMat



A 6 inch GreenMats is a 100% biodegradable weed control barrier, perfect for use around small shrubs and plants. A GreenMat suppresses weed growth and increases the growing success by over 50%. Each mat can suppress weed growth for up 12 months and once its done its job will break down completely and quickly, helping return nutrients to the earth and support a new generation of growth. GreenMats have full compostable certification in accordance with the EU standard EN13432 and US standard ASTM 6400.


  • Inhibits all weed growth at the base of plants and trees Blocks.
  • Completely breaks down into the soil as compost.
  • Last up to 12 months (and longer depending on weather)
  • Centre slit and stake holes pre-cut for easy positioning and staking.
  • No need for further mulching, weed sprays or maintenance.
  • Complies with ASTM D6400 and EN13432 (means they are 100% biodegradable) .
  • Authorised and specified by forestry departments, environmental scientists, conservation bodies and DOTs.


6-inch (15cm)


Use our GreenStake ASTM D6400 staples to pin the Mats

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1 Pack (250 Mats) 1 Pack (250 Mats)60.00
2 Packs (500 Mats) 2 Packs (500 Mats)50.00
3 Packs (750 Mats) 3 Packs (750 Mats)40.00
Bundle Pack (250 Mats + 1500 GreenStakes) Bundle Pack (250 Mats + 1500 GreenStakes)195.00
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