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McDivot fairway divot anchors

McDivot fairway divot anchors


McDivots Biodegradable Divot Repair Anchors

Why ?

McDivots are the perfect solution for repairing divots made by golfers, they are fast acting and help the divot re-root to the fairway. Divot repair is essential for any golf club, by using McDivots helps keep your course in pristine condition. The 2 inch (5cm) McDivot is 100% biodegradable, once the grass has rerouted it will just disappear.


  • Prevents divots being moved by birds, wind and mowers
  • Biodegrade shortly after divot has re-rooted
  • McDivots are a ‘MOVABLE OBSTRUCTION’, R&A and USGA Rule of Golf 24 -1 applies


2-inch (5cm)

Bunker repairs or laying Turf Sod?

If you have a larger job and need an anchoring staple try GreenStakes


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