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Scrapack Counter Waste Tidies

food waste bag

Scrapack Counter Waste Tidies


Scrapack Food Waste Bags

With 1/3 of the food we buy ending up in landfill shows that we are not doing enough to tackle food waste. At Viva Green we are working hard to lower this figure with Scrapack food waste bags. These bags are 100% compostable so once full they can be popped in your home composter, the bags are perfect for getting rid of bad smells left by rotting food and they also help keep your kitchen tidy.


Food waste bags


Scapack food waste bags are perfect for everyday living, its a low cost solution to food waste and the best part is its 100% compostable.


Carton: 12 bags/carton
Case: 18 cartons/case;   216 bags/case

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Scrapack CaseSP Carton 1SP Bag 1Young woman is chopping vegetables in the kitchen.; Shutterstock ID 232262371
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OptionPrice per pack/case
(inc shipping & taxes/VAT)
Select Quantity
1 Carton Pack (12 Bags) 1 Carton Pack (12 bags)3.90
5 Carton Pack (60 Bags) 5 Carton Pack (60 bags)19.50
1 Case (216 Bags) 1 Case (216 bags)57.00
2 Cases (432 Bags) 2 Cases (432 bags)52.00
+3 Cases +3 Cases48.00
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