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Biodegradable Staples Vs Degradable Staples

Biodegradable Staples Vs Degradable Staples

Biodegradable StaplesBiodegradable Staples

GreenStakes are 100% biodegradable Staple used by professionals for many different pinning applications. It’s key feature is that it completely biodegrades and becomes part of the soil after it has done it’s job. The staples  used in landscaping, erosion control, sports-ground, golf, turf installation, lawn and garden care businesses all over the world.

GreenStake Staples are specified by engineers, landscape architects, designers, grounds managers, environmental managers, erosion specialists, municipalities and DOTs.

Biodegradable Staples Vs Degradable Staples

Biodegradable Stakes

Biodegradable Stakes break down through the action of a naturally occurring microorganism, such as bacteria,  fungi etc. over a period of time. The Stakes are made up from plant based ingredients. Benefits of GreenStakes include:

– – – – – – – –Safer than metal staples for people and machinesLandscaping Staples
Works for over 18 months before biodegrading completely
Our 4” (10cm) stakes have 45% more holding power than 6” (15cm) metal staples
Completely biodegrades when the job is done
No need return to site to remove – just let them biodegrade naturally
Really tough and can penetrate the hardest ground
Complies with ASTM D6400 and EN13432
Specified by governments, engineers, conservation bodies and DOTs


Degradable Stakes

Degradable plastics are oil based and break down through chemical reactions and not activity of micro-organisms. They degrade in an anaerobic environment into water. Degradable Stakes are NOT truly biodegradable.

‘If they are not ASTM D6400 Compliant, they are not truly biodegradable’

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