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Vivagreen is crowned the 2016 GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners!

We at VivaGreen are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded 2016’s GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners for our product MossOff. MossOff is a multi-surface concentrate that offers a new and totally unique biocide-free way of controlling moss and algae on all outdoor surfaces. The unique technology is chemical free and completely […]

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MossOff Chemical Free

MossOff vs Chemicals

Here at VivaGreen we are proud of our green products, from our biodegradable GreenStake to our compostable GreenSax! Now we are even more proud of our Chemical Free Mossoff! That’s right a moss remover that contains absolutely chemicals. We are so proud of MossOff that we decided to pitch it against the everyday Moss Remover […]

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