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VivaGreen launches two new products for a greener home

VivaGreen launches two new products for a greener home

Irish company, VivaGreen, maker of eco-friendly products and pioneer in sustainable practices for almost 30 years, has launched two new products: SnackSax, recyclable and compostable paper sandwich bags perfect for packed lunches, and DeOdour Chemical-Free, a product made from natural minerals, which eliminates bad smells in bins.

Snacksax Sandwich bags SnackSax paper sandwich bags are made from 100% compostable paper from sustainable sources. These fully compostable and recyclable paper bags are ideal for all food types including sandwiches, snacks, fruit, cookies and crisps. The sandwich bags are made from high-quality compostable paper, and are food safe, grease-proof, microwave safe and fridge and freezer safe.

SnackSax come in a pack of 100 bags and are available in Dunnes Stores nationwide, with an RRP of €4.75.

DeOdour Chemical Free eliminates bin odours. This eco-friendly product is made from natural minerals and works by binding odour molecules to eliminate bad smells in bins. The product’s moisture-holding properties also prevents the development of maggots and flies making it a highly effective, eco-friendly solution to eradicate unpleasant bin odours. DeOdour Chemical Free is suitable for all bins, including organic bins and home composters.DeOdour Chemical-Free

DeOdour Chemical Free comes in a 400g shaker bottle (approx. 40 uses) and is available in Dunnes Stores nationwide, with an RRP of €4.90.

Based in Deansgrange Business Park, Co. Dublin, VivaGreen is a world leader in the research and development of biodegradable, chemical-free, plastic-free and recycled products of the highest quality.

Russell Walsh, Managing Director and founder of VivaGreen says: “When we started almost 30 years ago, very few people were making purchasing decisions based on eco-friendly reasons. These days, people are really conscious of doing their bit for the environment and of not using harmful chemicals in their homes. Our products enable conscious consumers to achieve both of those goals.”

VivaGreen produces a wide range of eco-friendly garden and household products, including MossOff® Chemical-Free, the world’s first chemical-free solution that kills moss and algae on any surface. The company also produces a range of GreenSax compostable bags and ReMade refuse bags, which are made from recycled plastic from Irish households and businesses. VivaGreen’s products are available in Dunnes Stores, Supervalu, and Woodie’s nationwide and online at,