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  MossOff Chemical Free:   Chemical-free MossOff kills and prevents moss, the world’s greenest, safest and most advanced product. MossOff is a highly effective moss killer that provides long-lasting results. Unlike most moss killers, MossOff is a chemical-free, natural moss killer that offers peace of mind due to its safety features and provides you with complete moss control.  
  • Works on any surface, Tarmac, concrete, roofs, decks, fence, lawns, etc.
  • Safe to Children, Pets, Plants and Pond Life
  • Easy to Use - Mix with Water and Apply
  • Effective and Long-lasting
  • Outperforms Chemicals
  • Kills unwanted moss
MossOff Chemical-Free Multi-Surface is available nationwide in Woodies.  


MossOff Chemical Free

Kill and Prevent Moss


MossOff Chemical-Free is one of the world’s safest methods of killing and preventing moss. The moss killer is made from natural ingredients, including natural oils and starch. When sprayed on moss and allowed to dry completely it forms an invisible, biodegradable micro-coating that prevents moss from absorbing moisture and nutrients from the air causing it to die. It’s a bit like putting a plastic bag around the moss to cut off its life support.

MossOff is a chemical free, natural moss killer that offers peace of mind due to its safety features and provides you with complete moss control.


Are you fed up with buying a different moss killer for each surface you intend to work on? Looking for the best moss killer that does it all? You have come to the right place.

MossOff Chemical Free Multi Surface kills and prevents moss on any surface – Tarmac, Patios, Driveways, Wooden Decks, Garden furniture, Fencing, Walls, Roofs, BBQ covers, Awnings, Astroturf, etc.


  • Safe to Children, Pets, Plants and Pond Life
  • Easy to Use – Mix with Water and Apply
  • Effective and Long-lasting
  • Outperforms Chemicals
  • Kills unwanted moss


5 Litre Container (treats up to 175sqm)

For Lawns

If you have a moss problem on your Lawn try Chemical Free MossOff Lawn Care

MossOff can also be found in major Garden Centres and Woodies stores.


Application Rate

MossOff Dilution Rate
Multi Surface
Normal1 L MossOff to 1 L water
Preventative1 L MossOff to 4 L water
Wood Surfaces1 L MossOff to 4 L water

1 L dilution covers approx 7m2
5 L concentrate bottle covers up to 175m2


For maximum effectiveness:

· Use a sprayer and make sure to saturate all the Moss, as this will dry to create a continuous coating over the moss surface, causing it to suffocate and die.

· If using in cold weather mix MossOff with warm water to aid dissolving and reduce blocking

· Apply on dry moss on a dry day

· If rain occurs within 24 hours of application re-apply

· Moss will turn a milky brown over 7-10 days, it will continue to die during the following 2-3 weeks, the moss can then be raked out.

· Although not a common occurrence – in the case of moss being too thick (there is a chance MossOff will not cover the lower layers of moss), it is recommended a/ to scarify before initial spraying or b/ if the moss has been treated and is found to be too thick and requires reapplying MossOff, then scarify dead moss before respraying.


Tech Info - SDS/Label



Default Avatar55
Michael White- Garden Curator, Mount Congerave Estate

Product- MossOff
We trialed MossOff Chemical-Free last year and it worked extremely well. We will be buying more in the future.

Default Avatar55
Karen O’Neill

Product- MossOff
We have extensive Gardens here at Dzogchen Beara Meditation Retreat Center in West Cork. Experimented first with MossOff Chemical Free on a wooden bridge over a pond which was becoming slippy and dangerous, it has worked all summer and so far have not needed to re also removed algae from the shaded sides and the hand rail.
Can see many cases where this product will be invaluable....especially as it is wildlife friendly.
Congratulations on a great product!

Default Avatar55
Robert Challoner-Head Gardner, Ballygallon Stud
Head Gardener

Product- MossOff
I first heard about VivaGreen moss remover earlier this year. I work as head gardener on a large estate and decided to trial the product. This product really delivers on its promises which to be honest I didn’t expect. It’s extremely effective with long lasting results. The product is very safe for both the user and any animals which may come in contact. The other main advantage is that it will not burn or harm any nearby grass or plants that may receive spray drift.

Default Avatar55
Geoffrey Cropper

Product- MossOff
I found the MossOff Lawn Care very effective and at the same time it does not harm any plants when being applied. I would recommend the product to any gardener with the problem of Moss.

Default Avatar55
P Ashcroft

Product- MossOff
Moss on tarmac drive was killed and turned from green to brown.Had to pressure wash brown residue away. Drive is on north side of house.In the winter is in perpetual shade. Area now moss free but feel moss w ill return. will use product again when necessary .Would always use eco friendly and wild life safe product

Default Avatar55
Tommy Martin

Product- MossOff
I bought 10 litres of the product. I used 5 and am happy with the result. My only comment is that the product took a lot longer to kill the moss than was expected. If I recall the literature stated otherwise.
Great to have a user friendly products in Ireland.
Keep up the good work.

Default Avatar55
J Chapman

Product- MossOff
Worked really well on patio and decking. Cleared moss and algae in couple of days. What I really liked was the no chemicals aspect and safety for our dog

Default Avatar55
Dawn Harrison

Product- MossOff
We have a dog, chickens and wildlife in our garden and therefore an environmental and animal friendly product is essential. We are genuinely delighted that we have found a product that meets our needs without harming the environment around us and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MossOff.

Default Avatar55
Heather Wales

Product- MossOff
Fantastic Product, I used MossOff Multi Surface on my paths and driveway and i am delighted with the results. Its the only product that i will consider to kill moss or algae. I also love the fact its environmentally friendly.

Jane Weedle

Product- MossOff
Moss Off is working a treat at the moment. Turned moss yellow almost immediately. Need to start raking it out now.

Default Avatar55
Ian Scott

Product- MossOff
I live in the middle of Wales and I have a driveway made up of compressed rock that cannot be pressure hose. I used MossOff to treat think layers of moss and I’m delighted with the results. I have used other products such as bleach, biomoss and they did not work well.

Default Avatar55
John Langley