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GreenMat FAQ

What is the difference between “biodegradable” and “degradable” mats?

There is a vast difference between a biodegradable mat, like GreenMat, and a degradable one. The international standards bodies make it clear that a biodegradable material must break down like compost with no other by-products.

On the other hand, a degradable mat is composed of mostly petro-chemical plastics with 3% additive to cause them to fall apart in sunlight. As result a degradable mat remains in the ground for a very long time after its period of use and eventually falls apart into smaller pieces of plastic. BUT these smaller pieces of plastic remain in the environment for hundreds or thousands of years and that is why degradable mats do not conform to biodegradability standards.

To discover if a mat is biodegradable or not, look up the MSDS sheet and under composition: a degradable mat will state it contains petro-chemical based plastics such as polyethylene together with an additive.

What are the international standards for biodegradability?

The international standards bodies such as the American ASTM and International ISO have defined what a biodegradable material is. In short, the material must break down just like green waste in a compost and result only in the formation of carbon dioxide, water and humus (constituent of soil make up) and with no other by-products. That’s exactly what GreenMat does.

Why does GreenMat outperform other mulch mats?

GreenMat is a robust biodegradable mat that disappears after it has served its purpose. Others mats such paper mats, although biodegradable, are not robust and disappear within a few weeks of use. Plastic polyethylene mats, on the other hand, remain in the ground for a very long time posing a danger to wildlife and the environment long after they are needed.

What happens to GreenMat after serving its purpose?

Simply dig it in and because GreenMat is biodegradable it will assimilate into the soil like any green matter.

Is GreenMat harmful if consumed by animals and wildlife?

A GreenMat is made from paper combined with other plant-based material derived from renewable resources such as vegetable starch. This will not cause harm to animals should it be consumed by them. That is why GreenMat is being specified by environmentalists for use on farmland, industrial planting, orchards and landscaping projects.

What how will a GreenMat last in use and what does it break down into?

GreenMat is durable and lasts up to 2 growing seasons (up to 24 months). Because it is 100% biodegradable, GreenMat will, after its useful life, break down through natural microbial activity into carbon dioxide, water and humus (compost) just like any green matter.

How long can I store GreenMat for?

GreenMats will store indefinitely in typical warehouse conditions. The biodegradation process only begins after a period of contact with the ground.

What is GreenMat made of?

A GreenMat is made from paper combined with by-products of processed plant matter such as vegetable starch. These are readily renewable resources and completely natural.

Why do installers like GreenMat?

GreenMats have rigidity making them easy to carry and are held in place during installation even in windy conditions. Also, the center-slit and pre-punched holes allows for easy placing and pinning.

How do I install and pin a GreenMat in place?

GreenMat has a center-slit and stake holes pre-cut for easy positioning and staking. Place the center slit around the tree or plant, then pin in place through its pre-cut holes using any staple or pin. We recommend our GreenStake for pinning as this is completely biodegradable and will hold the GreenMat in place as long as necessary.

Why does GreenMat work so well?


  • has over 98% opacity which inhibits all weed growth at the base of plants and trees
  • eliminates the need for further mulching, weed sprays or maintenance
  • reduces moisture loss due to evaporation
  • is light in color to keep soil warmer in cool climates and cooler in hot climates


What sizes are available?

GreenMat is square shaped with center slit and stake holes pre-cut for easy positioning and staking. Three sizes are available:

  1. 6-inch (15cm) square
  2. 12-inch (30cm) square
  3. 24-inch (60cm) square

What is GreenMat

GreenMat is a 100% biodegradable mulch mat used by landscapers & contractors, gardeners, forestry companies, viticulturists & growers for placing around new plantings to keep weeds away. GreenMat can be used for saplings, trees & shrubs, orchards & vineyards and home gardens.

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