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GreenMat Product Information


100% Biodegradable Weed-block

Mulch Mats

Description100% biodegradable mulch mat.
Sizes6”(15cm), 12” (30cm), 24” (60cm)
ApplicationsUse a GreenMat to prevent weed growth around new planting.
PerformanceImproves growing success from 40-50% without mat up to 90% using a GreenMat
Material Of CompositionPaper board with a specially developed biodegradable plant based coating derived from wheat and potato starches.
Applicable StandardsApproved to ASTM Biodegradability Standards D6400 in the USA and EN13432 in Europe.
Biodegradation ProcessNatural micro-organisms in the ground cause the complete biodegradation of a GreenMat. This rate depends on the moisture and temperature of the soil.
Biodegradation By-ProductsNatural carbon dioxide, water and humus, just like compost.
Biodegradation PeriodWithstand elements wind, water, etc for 2 growing seasons (up to 24 months) before completely disappearing.
InstallationPlace around plant and secure in place with biodegradable pegs or other
StorageDry store indefinitely – biodegradation only begins after period of contact with soil.
Safety & HazardsSee Material Data Safety Sheet here.
ManufacturerVivaGreen, Email [email protected]


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