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GreenMat Product Information


100% Biodegradable Weed-block

Mulch Mats

Product GreenMat
Description 100% biodegradable mulch mat.
Sizes 6”(15cm), 12” (30cm), 24” (60cm)
Applications Use a GreenMat to prevent weed growth around new planting.
Performance Improves growing success from 40-50% without mat up to 90% using a GreenMat
Material Of Composition Paper board with a specially developed biodegradable plant based coating derived from wheat and potato starches.
Applicable Standards Approved to ASTM Biodegradability Standards D6400 in the USA and EN13432 in Europe.
Biodegradation Process Natural micro-organisms in the ground cause the complete biodegradation of a GreenMat. This rate depends on the moisture and temperature of the soil.
Biodegradation By-Products Natural carbon dioxide, water and humus, just like compost.
Biodegradation Period Withstand elements wind, water, etc for 2 growing seasons (up to 24 months) before completely disappearing.
Installation Place around plant and secure in place with biodegradable pegs or other
Storage Dry store indefinitely – biodegradation only begins after period of contact with soil.
Safety & Hazards See Material Data Safety Sheet here.
Manufacturer VivaGreen, Email


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