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McDivot FAQ

What is McDivots

The McDivot is a 2 inch (5cm) long, 100% biodegradable divot anchor. It is used by golfers all over the world to anchor divots, thus preventing birds, strong winds, heavy rain, machinery (such as mowers, leaf blowing equipment) and even golf-spikes moving the replaced divot before it re-roots. Not long after the divot has re-rooted the anchor simply disappears as it breaks down, naturally, without harming the environment because it is 100% biodegradable.

Why should a golfer use McDivots?

The use of McDivots will result in better playing and better looking fairways and reduce the chance of a golf ball landing in a divot hole. The reason is simple; the McDivot repairs the divot hole immediately, unlike if repaired with divot mix which can take weeks for the grass to grow. McDivots are being used by golfers at hundreds of golf clubs around the world and course superintendents say they are experiencing a significant reduction in divot damage as a result. In addition, there is a substantial savings to the club, in terms of time and materials to repair divots as McDivots replace the traditional method of greens-staff regularly filling divot holes with a sand/seed mix.

How are McDivots supplied and how many should I order?

McDivots are supplied loose, 5,000 McDivots/box. Generally, a golf club would use 1 or 2 boxes in a season to keep their fairways in top condition.

How long can I store McDivots for?

McDivots will store indefinitely if kept in dry conditions. The biodegradation process only begins after insertion into the ground.

How is the McDivot system of divot repair implemented at a golf club?

Put McDivots on the 1st Tee, in the Locker Rooms and in the Pro Shop for golfers to collect before the round of golf.

For the teeing area, standalone weatherproof dispensers mounted on a short spike are available from many golf course accessories suppliers and work well as a reminder for the golfer to use McDivots.

For the locker rooms and pro shop, small containers of McDivots are also a good way to present McDivots to golfers.

Will McDivot damage equipment?

After the McDivot is pushed through the divot it is then flush with the ground, but in the unlikely event of contact with equipment the McDivot will not damage mowing equipment or cause punctures. Testament to this is the millions of McDivots used on golf courses every year without damage to equipment.

Which Rule of Golf applies to the McDivot?

The Royal and Ancient and the USGA, governing bodies for the Rules of Golf, have confirmed the Rules of Golf would not prohibit the use of McDivot as an aid for fairway maintenance and from a golfer’s viewpoint, is a “Movable Obstruction” and Rule 24-1 applies. This means the McDivot divot anchor can be removed and if a player’s ball is moved in the process it must be replaced without penalty.

Anything else about McDivot?

Golf clubs have also found that implementing the McDivot system also encourages golfers to focus on other aspects of course repair such as repairing pitch marks, raking bunkers, etc. therefore extending the benefits of McDivots beyond divot repair.

How does a McDivot break down?

Because the McDivot is 100% biodegradable, it breaks down through natural microbial activity in the soil into water, carbon dioxide and humus (compost).

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