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Kill and prevent Moss on Tarmac Drives

Kill and prevent Moss on Tarmac Drives

MossOff Chemical-Free Multi-Surface is the ideal product for killing and preventing moss and algae on all surfaces and is extremely effective on tarmac drives. MossOff Chemical-Free is not only extremely effective its also completely safe to children and pets as well as plant life and even fish and ponds.

When MossOff is sprayed on moss  and allowed to dry completely it forms an invisible, biodegradable micro-coating that prevents moss from absorbing moisture and nutrients from the air causing it to die. It’s a bit like putting a plastic bag around the moss to cut off its life support.

MossOff Chemical-Free has 5 Star Reviews and has become the go to product for companies such as Waterways Ireland, Ballygallon Stud and Blarney castle.

Diarmuid Gavin, Garden Designer and Author, is a huge advocate for MossOff Chemical-Free and the whole range of Vivagreen ‘free from’ products for the home and garden.  “I’ve used MossOff Chemical-Free very successfully in my own garden” said Diarmuid. “It’s easy to use and effective and most importantly it’s safe. Not only for me and my kids and pets, but also to the plants and especially my lawn. I recommend MossOff to anyone who has a problem with moss or algae in their garden.”

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