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Benefits of Compostable Bags

Benefits of Compostable Bags

Benefits of Compostable Bags

One of the best things the Irish government have done was to introduce the bag tax, this has seen the number of plastic bags being disposed of illegally reduced. However, there are billions of plastic bags being still being consumed each year, this is mainly due to the convince cheap cost and easy to come by but they are detrimental to the environment. There are now many alternatives to using plastic bags and we are here to tell you about the benefits of one alternative, the compostable bag or biodegradable bags!

Benefits include:Benifits of using compostable bags

  1. Biodegradable bags break down which means the plastic gets absorbed by the earth
  2. Compostable bags are much better for the environment
  3. Using compostable bags makes it much easier to recycle
  4. Using biodegradable products eliminates landfill and the breakdown of toxic gasses.

These points are only a snippet of the benefits of moving to compostable bags. Just think about it, Thousands of plastic bags are found in the sea and can cause serious harm to sea life along with ending up on landfills worldwide, taking thousands of years to degrade. If you switch to using a biodegradable/compostable bag you can rest assured that after a short amount of time the bag will degrade in the same way as a banana skin does and therefore turn into compost. Picture your desert island with all that washed-up material, now you wouldn’t see that with biodegradable plastic. Our compostabe bag range has a size of bags perfect for your every need chek them out HERE.

Find out more about the how using compostable bin bags compares to using plastic bin bags, in our infographic below.Plastic V Compostable Infographic