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Divot Repair Solution

Divot Repair Solution

Divot Repair Solution

McDivots are  100% biodegradable stakes used by professional and armature golfers for repairing divots taken out on a golf course. It’s key feature is that it completely biodegrade and becomes part of the soil after it has done it’s job. The McDivot has become one of the go to products for golf courses to help them keep their courses in pristine condition as it is the perfect divot repair solution.

mcdivittWhat sizes are available?

McDivots are 2 inches in size the perfect size for any divot

How long can I store it for?

McDivots will store indefinitely in typical warehouse conditions. The biodegradation process only begins after insertion into the ground.

Will GreenStake damage equipment?

Unlike metal staples or pins, McDivot will not damage mowing equipment or cause punctures. Due to its strong holding power it is not effected by the elements unlike other Divot solutions.

How to Buy?

McDivots are available to buy online HERE



Euan McKenzie, Course Manager Chigwell GC, UK
“McDivots give us a 70-75% solution to our divot problem”
Jonathan Cleland, Course Manager Elderslie Golf Club Scotland
“I get great results with McDivots and am happy to recommend.”