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2 inch (5cm) GreenStake

Biodegradable Landscaping Staples

2 inch (5cm) GreenStake


GreenStake Landscaping Staples


2 Inch Greenstake are landscaping staples used for landscaping, gardening and golf course maintenance. This GreenStake can be used for turf sod Seeded Blankets and Netting. GreenStakes are safer than metal staples for people and machines and the best part is when they are applied there is no need to return as they are biodegradable.


  • 100% Biodegradable:   Comply with ASTM6400 and EN13432.
  • Super Strong and Durable
  • Approved: Specified by governments, engineer, conservation bodies & DOTs.

SizePinning anchors

2-inch (5cm)


Small Case:   1,000 stakes/case
Large Case:   5,000 stakes/case

Need a Larger Stake? 

Click on the link for the size you require 4 inch or 6 Inch

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Unfortunately we currently only ship this product to Ireland & UK.
OptionPrice per pack/case
(inc shipping & taxes/VAT)
Select Quantity
1 Small Case (1,000 Stakes) 1 Small Case (1,000 stakes)85.00
2+ Small Cases 2+ Small Cases75.00
1 Large Case (5,000 Stakes) 1 Large Case (5,000 stakes)295.00
2 Large Cases (10,000 Stakes) 2 Large Cases (10,000 stakes)248.00
3+ Large Cases 3+ Large Cases210.00
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