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Top 10 Recycling Tips

Top 10 Recycling Tips

We all know recycling is good for the environment, but it can get a little confusing sometimes. Is this recyclable? Do I need to rinse before I recycle? Is meat compostable? These among many other questions often get asked but some never get answered. Well, we are here to give you a helping hand when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of recycling with our Top 10 Recycling Tips!

Top 10 Recycle Tips

1. Keep separate bins for general waste, recycling and compost. Make sure to label each bin, to make sure everyone in the house knows which to use.

2. Wash out recyclable food containers. Use the end of your dishwater to quickly rinse out milk cartons, tin cans, jars etc, this saves water too!

3. Use biodegradable bags in your compost bin. You can buy GreenSax compostable bags here.

4. Compost all food waste into your brown bin but exclude meat from your DIY compost bin, as this can attract flies and rodents.

5. Reuse! Instead of throwing everything away, why not see if there is some use for recyclables in your home. Tin can pencil holder maybe? Glass jar vase?

6. Keep your recycle bin dry. Use a recyclable bin liner to keep the bin fresh and dry and make sure any liquids are dried from containers before putting them in the bin.

7. Flatten, squash and squeeze all your recyclables! Save as much room in your bin as possible.

8. Use rechargeable batteries.

9. Donate your old clothes. Clothes are really easy to recycle, with charity shops in most towns. You will feel great after making a donation.

10. Reduce your consumption. Tip: Buy a large bottle of water rather than a 6 pack of smaller bottles.


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