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Vivagreen is crowned the 2016 GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners!

Vivagreen is crowned the 2016 GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners!

We at VivaGreen are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded 2016’s GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund winners for our product MossOff.

Award winning chemical free Moss remover

MossOff is a multi-surface concentrate that offers a new and totally unique biocide-free way of controlling moss and algae on all outdoor surfaces. The unique technology is chemical free and completely safe to children and pets as well as plant life and even fish and ponds. The concentrate dilutes easily and is simply applied using a garden sprayer or watering can fitted with a fine rose. The product is also available in a separate variant designed to take advantage of the specific lawn care market and provide dual merchandising opportunities as well as maintain rates of sale throughout the season. Both products answer the growing consumer demand for garden control products that are easy and safe to handle but deliver consistent and reliable results. No special equipment is required to apply MossOff, consumers just need to choose a dry day so that the product has ample opportunity to dry to take full effect.


GIMA Director, Vicky Nuttall said: “We’re incredibly pleased to confirm that Vivagreen is the 2016 winners of the GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund.  A truly innovative product, the judges were impressed with the simplicity of the product, as well as its dual-use that delivers results, whilst providing peace of mind for consumers. The fact that the product is also biocide-free and yet still beats chemical based competitor products, really stood out as a key USP. I’ve no doubt that Vivagreen will quickly become a core product for any garden retailer”.

VivaGreen with Diarmuid Gavin

We at VivaGreen couldn’t be more happy with the win and we are really excited to launch MossOff into the UK with help from GIMA. If you want to find out more about MossOff or to order a bottle just click here.

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